WordPress changed their publishing procedure slightly: every time I publish a new blog, a message shows up saying “This your nth post. [Insert accolade]!!” Are they mocking me? They must be mocking me. It’s not like any of the staff have read the post and thought it was worthy enough to spend time showering it with praise.

I’d also gone to the Art Institute Museum yesterday, to show off my new membership card and hang out with all the elitist people in the membership lounge. Truthfully, the lounge isn’t worth buying a membership for – sure, it has free coffee for all who come, but as a non-coffee drinker that doesn’t really affect me. It also has a ton of books that you can flip through, but can’t take. Who goes to an art museum just to read books about art instead of looking at the art itself? Not me. At least they give out a free gift, which is a canvas tote with the museum’s logo and the word “MEMBER” in all-caps on the front. Okay not even that is worth buying a membership. But the free admission is!

Uta Barth

I went to the Uta Barth exhibition in the Modern Wing section, another photographer. But unlike most photographers, Barth concentrates on capturing light and the slight shadow it carries in a room of white space. She also has negatives of some of her photographs, to emphasise the brighter light. It seems to comment on the fact that even though light is light, it still varies by brightness, as if its shadow is lurking within itself.

But as much as light has the potential to bring about the darkest of shadows, it’s also quite playful, as seen in her curtains of light flowing across linen blinds. A watery effect is generated, though the texture of the linen makes it more like a blank, waving canvas. There is infinite potential in the shapes and colours created by light, which can be seen in Barth’s works.

It was a very small exhibition, but it perked my interest nonetheless. Check it out if you have the time.


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