Marilyn Monroe

Tip: If you’re walking around downtown Chicago or any other city on a really hot day, stick near the shop windows and doors. People going in and out will let out blasts of cool air, so it will help cool you down without you having to venture in some place and feel obligated to buy something because they’re preventing you from overheating.

Speaking of hot air, I saw something next to the Tribune Tower that kind of shocked me. It was a huge statue of Marilyn Monroe in her “My dress has its own mind!” pose. At first I thought it wasn’t supposed to be right next to such a solemn building as the Tribune Tower, but thinking again, it probably called to be there because Marilyn always “made news”. Ha, ha. There was a crowd of people taking pictures of it, too…and you could pinpoint who the perverts were. And maybe the extremely curious, but mostly perverts. Once again, a woman is degraded to an object. A literal one, too. No doubt the artist Seward Johnson had that in mind when he made it. And as people stare upwards, they degrade themselves too, standing as still as Marilyn’s statue when they can’t seem to tear their eyes (or camera lenses) away.

What I don’t understand is how so many people stopped to snap Marilyn’s picture but ignored the beautiful pots of flowers lining along Michigan Avenue. I forgot to bring my own camera so I suppose I can’t really say anything about it, but man. I really wish I’d brought it…I saw some really awesome spiral-leafed plant thing that I loved so much I wanted to steal! Plus they were alive, while Marilyn is not.

Marilyn Monroe

Art in Chicago is so weird.

EDIT: Bussed by this statue when it was pouring with rain outside, and guess what I saw? A bunch of people borrowing Monroe’s dress to shelter them from the rain. Now THAT adds a whole different layer to the concept of the artwork!


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