Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne

That’s “Larry Crowne”, with an “e”. And sometimes he goes by “Lance Corona” but I think “Larry Crowne” sounds better.

To be honest, I didn’t really want to watch this movie because it didn’t look that interesting, but it was a friend’s birthday so I went anyway. And it was pretty much what I expected: predictable, though the comedy saved it from being a total bore. Sometimes cheesy and/or cliché, like Larry’s last speech that he had to give for his final Speech 217 class.

Besides, a movie about an older divorced man going back to college isn’t supposed to market to those just out of college, so I was out of my depth in that movie theatre. It makes me feel as if all marriages will end in divorce, and love comes from the most clichéd of places. I almost wanted Larry to get together with Talia, a classmate who’s half his age, just for a change of pace, but no. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts all the way. Which was weird, because I’m pretty sure Gugu Mbatha-Raw (who played Talia) had just as much screen time as Roberts did.

I ended up concentrating more on the jokes than the plot line. Although Asian culture was pretty much stereotyped and a little insulting at times (e.g. Asian professors aren’t anything like the economics professor, Dr. Matsutani), there were some pretty hilarious parts, like when Talia showed Larry her new tattoo. Since I can read Chinese, I knew right away that the poor girl had been duped. Or maybe the tattoo artists didn’t know better themselves. At least she got the ‘soy sauce’ tattoo in a more inconspicuous place, unless she planned on wearing extremely low-rise jeans for the rest of her life.

Overall, I don’t recommend watching this unless you have lots of spare time and are a HUGE fan of Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts. Wait for the DVD if you must, and after it’s been discounted to about half the original price.


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