Note to self: Dancing non-stop for 4 hours straight is not a good idea. I can hear my feet crying out in pain.

But despite all that, I think they’re really durable things. We usually never realise it because we’re too used to wearing shoes, but our soles are tougher than we think. I’ve heard of people who make it a choice to go barefoot for their entire lives, and they have really tough feet. Props to them! I don’t think I would go without shoes unless I were at a beach or swimming pool because I can’t stand the thought of stepping on something sharp, or being stepped on by someone else. Trust me, it hurts.

Even now, my feet are a lot rougher than they were a few years ago, after dancing and hopping and spinning on them for so long. I’m not sure whether I should be sad, mad or glad. Maybe a bit of everything.

I need to get a better foot cream. Miracle Foot Repair, anyone?


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