Mambo All-Stars

I found out today that every time I look up, there’s at least one plane in the sky. Perhaps Illinois is so flat that the planes can be contained by the sky. Illinois = plains = planes!

So what can be better than live music at the Chicago Botanic Garden? Answer: Live music and dancing! Today, the evening was hosted by the Mambo All-Stars, who played salsa, mambo, and cha-cha music, even mixing a little jazz touch with the songs. I was surprised they didn’t do any bolero music, but I was having so much fun that it didn’t matter. Halfway through, they also gave free basic mambo and cha-cha lessons, which was very fun to see – people from all different sizes and ages lined up to learn and dance, even though about 95% of them were women. But I especially enjoyed the percussionist who played the cowbell (with a surprising amount of elegance) and the keyboardist, who got his own ‘solo time’ and played some classical music. Overall, the band has a very lighthearted and easygoing style, although that could be because latin music is supposed to be like that.

Another thing I found out: the security at the Garden is tight, yet also has a sense of humour. A guard came and told us we couldn’t bring our own wine to the Garden, but after we explained that we bought a whole bottle from the wine stand near us, he left us alone. Then he went off to tell these children to stop climbing the walls, to which one of the girls replied, “But it’s my birthday next Saturday!” The guard then replies, “Well let’s make sure you make it to that day, eh?”

Little girl, you just got PWNED.


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