I’ve just uploaded a new header! Hope you like it.

Onto other news, I’ve finally bought a new swimsuit. It took me ages too, because shopping for a swimsuit is like shopping for the right undergarments to display for all to see. But my other one is about 10 years old, so I figured it was about time to get something more stylish. I must say I was a little disappointed in the choices out there – I don’t like bikinis, so that eliminated about half the choices I had. I also don’t like halter straps, not after seeing my friend’s top fall off because the straps came loose. That’s another quarter of the available selection gone. So there were about a quarter left, and most of them didn’t come in my size.

These are the woes of an Asian girl.

Well, obviously I did find something eventually, but I had to look through every single rack before I found it – a black top with tropical flowers all over, with a black two-piece bottom which was actually pretty cool. Apart from the usual Speedos-looking swimwear, it also came with a wrap-around skirt that made it look much cuter. At least, cuter than wearing just the tight-fitting underwear swimsuit. But the hunt is over, so I have a lot to be thankful for.

Something that did put a smile on my face while I was shopping were the swimsuit modelling mannequins, who had bling draped over their necks and wrists. As if people wear heavy jewellery while they swim; ha! I suppose it could work if it’s just beachwear, but who’d want to get sand and crusty salt all over their accessories? Ah well. After saying all that, I bet I’ll see someone at the beach who’d wear a ton of bling. I know for a fact that real people can be pretty strange. Like myself. =)


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