Art in the Park

For today and tomorrow the Art in the Park event will be going on at the Village Green Park in Northbrook. It was a nice hot day, but vendors got to set up in tents and there was a cool breeze in the air. Some even brought their own fans (the type that regulates air, not the type that worships someone else’s air), while one particularly clever artist had metallic sprinkler-sculptures and was demonstrating their usefulness in the summer heat.

It was very similar to the Art Festival at the Chicago Botanic Garden. In fact, I recognised some of the same vendors who participated in this event too. One major difference though was that not all the art had a ‘garden’ or ‘nature’ theme – there was a painter who did her own stylistic characters in gridded paintings, while another had sewn weird voodoo doll-like things, only they were supposed to be good luck charms. Don’t ask me how they were supposed to work; they were more creepy to me than anything.

Anyway, there were more than 80 booths out there, and there was a LOT to see and buy. They even had live music and a food court for people who got peckish, although most of the ‘food’ consisted of popcorn, candy and hot dogs. But what I did like about this event was that the venue is a much more open space than the Botanic Garden, which was definitely to the advantage of the artists. More kids, too, because they had more space to run around and play and there were entire booths set up specifically to offer many fun and crafty activities for kids (and adults) to do.

Special mentions go to the Reinhard Herzog Glass Studio for their delicate glass ornaments and cute figurines (pigs, frogs and chickens – what more can you ask for?), Hironobu Nishitateno for his Nanten pottery pieces that were ruggedly beautiful, functional and very affordable, and JK Creative Wood, a family-owned team of woodworkers crafting practical items like cutting boards, pen holders and lazy susans while maintaining the integrity and natural beauty of different coloured woods.

Overall, the event made my fingers itch so bad – I was very inspired to whip out some paints and just start creating! And I definitely will, and post it up when I’m done!

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