During the middle of my blues dance class, it began to rain really really hard. And after the lesson, came the real dance – the dance of lights.

I know most people think the best natural light show on earth is the aurora, a.k.a. the Northern lights. But I think the lightning show I saw today was pretty spectacular too, white streaking against the black sky like roots of light, different each time. Even better was the lack of thunder, probably because the storm was quite far away.

One big pet peeve I have about lightning is human-caused: when people spell it as ‘lightening’ instead of ‘lightning’. I mean, they have totally different meanings. ‘Lightening’ is a verb used to describe the act of brightening space, while ‘lightning’ is a noun found in storms. Why are they so difficult to tell apart? They’re not even homonyms or homophones or homographs or homo-anything. I blame the ‘e’.

At least the rain stopped after the class ended, and only restarted when I got home. So the only thing making me wet was my sweat, which wasn’t that bad anyway – blues is a slow dance. Good thing too, because blues is the kind of dance where you hold your partner close…real close. Thank God for deo!


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