I’ve finished watching “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” today. I think that watching this movie the second time around really let me see the fantastic inner workings of the complexity that goes on behind the makings of such a production, and also some of the more curious, inexplicable parts that just are begging to be explained. Like why the dwarves don’t help out in the war, or why heroes always fall off a cliff that has a raging river underneath so there’s always a chance of survival.

Really, really makes me want to read the book. And I shall, one day.

I hope the inconsistencies with logic will be explained better in the books, because I can see how the director wouldn’t be able to fit them in the already 3-hours long movie, plus there’s an atmosphere about fantasy stories that sucks a person’s imagination more readily than other genres, so we’re more accepting of illogical things, even when they come without an in-world explanation. But everything is easily forgiven since it’s entertainment; especially such a good form of entertainment. Almost every new scene of “Lord of the Rings” had me wondering ‘How’d they do that?’, and the time and effort and labour put into such a production really shine through because it all seems so effortlessly put together. Ironic, but true for many things in life.

I’ll be watching the last installment tomorrow, “The Return of the King”. Just gotta love movie marathons!


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