After 6 long years, I’ve finally, finally gotten a new phone. The really cheap kind with big buttons and little to no memory, with no games and no internet service, haha. Actually it’s a downgrade from my previous phone, but as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

So I’ve been with AT&T for 4 years straight, and I noticed a steady progression in a lack of a signal in even the most populous of places, including Chinatown and the peripheries of downtown Chicago. That just won’t do, and on top of that my plan was quite pricey for the number of minutes I was using, so I caved in to the Family Plan from Sprint (having a relative in the US has its perks).

Like all cellphone networks in the US, the phones they offered weren’t very innovative design-wise, but meh. It was a real CHORE though just to switch services – the people at Sprint needed my cellphone account number, so I called the help line for AT&T, but their automatic voice-answering machine was being super-meta AND taking me around in circles. It would offer me several options to choose from (none of the options were “Connect me to a real human”), which weren’t the right options, then throw in a ‘special offers’ pitch, then offer me more options that also weren’t relevant, then after I tell it that those options aren’t what I was looking for, it defaults to “I don’t know what option you’re trying to choose” and then it starts from the beginning again.

Yeah. So I spent almost an hour trying to figure it out, even going online on the demo laptops in the store and trying to check from there, only for some reason the “cannot trust this internet security certificate” page kept popping up, so I tried calling again which made me really want to kill the automatic voice. Finally, the Sprint person helping me sensed my plight and called his friend who works at AT&T, who told me to keep pressing zeros while the voice gave me the options. TOTALLY WORKED because the voice couldn’t decipher what was going on, so put me through to a human operator. So if you ever find yourself stuck at an automated help service, press zero!

My only question is, why didn’t the Sprint guy help me out sooner. Plus during the importing of contacts, something was messed up so I ended up having to edit all of my contacts anyway. Oh Mr. Cellphone, why must you be so difficult?? But if it saves me some money, then I suppose it’s alright.


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