May I?

Surprisingly enough, the men at “May I Have This Dance?” dance studio don’t use these words when inviting a lady onto the dance floor. They usually say “Would you like to dance?” or “Wanna dance?” or they just walk in this specific way and stare at you with a look that says “you-must-dance-with-me-right-NOW”.

Tonight was “Strictly ballroom” Friday, and I went with 3 girlfriends to par-tay. Like most dance parties, there weren’t enough men, but there were enough that most ladies didn’t sit out for more than 3 or 4 dances at a time. The slight dilemma was with the levels of dancing – some were extremely good, who were practically choreographing the entire dance on the spot, while some couldn’t tell a tango from a foxtrot. So naturally, we ended up dancing with people who were way better than us, and others who were pretty difficult to dance with.

The bigger problem is that if you’re dancing with someone a lot better than you, you feel like you can’t keep up, or start stepping all over their feet. If your dance partner is a lot worse, then you feel like you can’t do anything – at least not anything you can call ‘dancing’. So I guess it’s pretty logical for similarly levelled people to seek out one another more often.

We literally danced the whole night away – 3 hours of almost non-stop dancing. My feet are sore. Perhaps I should try soaking in the bathtub for a long while…but I’d probably end up sleeping in a literal ‘water bed’.


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