I knew there was a legit reason for me to love the downtown area. USA Network was handing out free Häagen-Dazs® ice cream cone sundaes to promote some summer events and their summer TV programs, my alma mater had free printing at the library, I printed a ton of coupons and did a lot of cheap shopping, and last but not least, ‘one block’ is only 0.1 miles instead of 1 whole mile.

Anyway. I’ve stayed so long in the suburbs that I’d almost forgotten what a fun-filled day going downtown could be. I completed a lot of errands and met up with a few friends for lunch as well. There’s just something about the atmosphere in downtown Chicago that makes you feel so productive, or at the very least it makes you feel motivated enough to be productive. People walk faster, the food tastes better, in-store sales seem higher…the list goes on. And the nice thing is that if you’re dissatisfied with one thing you can walk a few steps and ta-daa! you’re in a new store/place, making your dissatisfaction dissipate like it never even existed.

One crucial thing about the downtown area is that there are actually toilets wherever you go, thus vetoing the need to have an iron bladder.

One downside is that you can’t really buy a ton of stuff, even if you want to, because you have to carry it all back to either your car or to the mode of transport you used to get down there in the first place. Well actually that may be a good thing, because it means you’re forced to be more conservative of your money instead of buying everything in sight – stuff that’s bought become the best of the best, either deal-wise or necessity-wise, or even a mixture of both.

Next time I go, I’ll make sure to bring a cart with me, and maybe a blanket to attend a free concert at the Millenium Park.


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