I’ve never been a photogenic person, or a narcissist, or even someone who snaps a picture at everything, not because it isn’t fun, but because I’d rather indulge in the hyperboles of my memories mixed with a bit of my own imagination.

Anyway, I was helping a friend redo and re-organise her photos to put into different albums, and we were having a riot looking at all the historic photos. She seemed to have an affinity for water, since a lot of the pictures were taken of her family playing in the pool. And she’d apparently had pictures taken of her while parading around different parts of the house in her swimsuit, posing for the camera. I’d suggested that she should compile and scan these photos to make her own personal calendar, but she had the decency to look mildly horrified at the idea.

Which reminds me – I have over a thousand photos to organise myself, and over half of those need to be posted on facebook. Honestly, I thought going digital was one of the best thing that’s ever happened, but it takes so long on facebook that it probably takes longer than having all my photos developed and put into an album. Well. At least going digital means I can always Photoshop pictures of myself.


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