Guy King

Despite being free for all who wander in, concerts at the Botanic Garden never fail to disappoint. Tonight’s show was thrown by the Guy King Band, a Chicago blues band lead by Guy King.

Awesome name aside, Guy King has the velvety, soothing voice of a blues singer, and the lightest of fingers to play guitar riffs and solos on his gold electric. Accompanying him was Patrick William (bass), Ben Paterson (keys), and Isaiah Spencer (drums), and all added to that fantastic soulful harmony found in a blues song’s chord progression. I liked their version of “Georgia” in particular, and being a pianist myself, I paid special attention to the keyboard, and found myself wishing I could to the same. Blues music doesn’t come to me naturally like it does to some people, although I guess like everything else it can be learned. Needless to say, I’m thoroughly impressed and satisfied at my visit to the Botanic Garden this time, made all the more perfect by the weather holding up and not spluttering all over us until late at night.

On a side note, I spotted a few couples swaying to the blues beat, and I feel like I just have to give props to them, not only for having the guts to get up and dance, but also there were a few that were actually moving to the music. Makes me wanna fall in love all over…


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