Usually, any person would be satisfied to have the feeling of something soft cushioning their buttocks, and usually, I would be such a person. However, there’s just something about this green one-seater sofa in the house that unnerves me. I think it’s because of the large gaps between the cushions and the framework of the sofa – there seems to be some potential hidden danger in having such wide gaps, like in one episode of “The Kids Next Door”, the kids fell between the gaps of their sofa, one by one, and discovered a whole other universe inside this imaginary space.

Another possibility is that some huge creepy-crawly might come out to attack (or at least scare) me. This fear traces back to a time when I had a favourite reclining sofa, and I would love to recline in it all day as a child, especially during summer. Until one day, a baby cockroach crawled out and scared me half to death. Now I can’t relax in any sofa that just seems too comfortable to be true…or at least seems to have enough hiding space for a colony of insects to breed in. It’s horrible. And silly, I know, but nonetheless I think that if something ever pops up between those gaps my paranoia will be justified.


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