“Throw your hands up and SHOUT!!”

Yes, folks – it’s here!! “SHOUT!” has just premiered at the Mariott Theatre in Lincolnshire, and while there’s not much of a storyline to this musical, it does make you wanna DANCE. Haha, and maybe shout towards the end, when the performers take their bow. Nonetheless, a lovely performance with much dancing and singing to 60’s music. I especially enjoyed “I Only Wanna Be With You/Tell” medley and “These Boots are Made for Walkin'”. And seeing all the bling and flashy stuff dance across the 360 stage.

I also enjoyed the special dinner package they had, which meant I could eat at the King’s Wharf. Special menu included a mushroom ravioli, New York strip steak and Angus beef burger. Salad and dessert (strawberry shortcake!) made for a pleasing beginning and completion of the meal, although I’m pretty sure my beef burger was well-done instead of medium, like I wanted it to be. Good thing I didn’t tell them to cook it well-done – they might have burnt it into charcoal or something. But otherwise, a good way to end the day.


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