Graduation Photos

Tomorrow’s the deadline for me to order the ‘official pictures’ of me and my graduation ceremony. I really have to debate the worth of each option…and whether it’s worth it at all to purchase such products.

For example, there are the photo packages where you get high-quality photos in different sizes, unframed. Ridiculously expensive considering it’s really just some ink on a piece of paper, but the cheapest option. Plus they can be scanned and then manipulated to your heart’s content, and then printed over and over again. But like I said – seemingly overpriced pieces of paper.

Another option is to order one or two photos that are framed/plaqued nicely, with customised text lettered on the front. Also ridiculously expensive, but at least it’s not just a piece of paper. The downside is that you only get one or two photos to have. Plus self-framing is a cheaper option, though you won’t get the customised text unless you use a sharpie or something.

The last option is the digital one. Even more ridiculously expensive, but at least you can print as many copies as you want of the original file image.

And on top of everything you have to pay tax AND shipping costs. There’s just no winning in all this. Perhaps I should try to persuade my parents to be satisfied with their blurry photos taken from afar.


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