It’s cold again. Argh.

On another note, my real diploma has finally arrived at my doorstep. I found it amusing that I had to sign for it before the mailman would give it to me, as if I were the one who authenticated my own accomplishments. But after opening the document, what I found wasn’t quite what I expected – just a piece of paper. Okay, I was expecting a piece of paper, but it didn’t have the fancy font or elaborate seals and holograms and security strips and watermarks; it was just some words printed and signed by the heads of the school. Plus an embossed golden seal at the bottom. That was it.

A little pathetic and anticlimactic, I must say. Even my high school diploma turned out to be more professional. My college diploma looks forgeable.

Which probably goes to show that in life, college just takes up a small part of it, even though it always seems so important at the time. And it is, but there are greater things to aspire to, even after college ends. It also goes to show that a person’s qualifications are just a tiny fraction of who they are overall, and that like a piece of paper, some things shouldn’t and couldn’t ever define the entirety of what makes you who you are.


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