Phone Conversations

Fact one: It’s rude to not answer a question that’s directed at you.
Fact two: Many people prefer to know more about people while revealing as little about themselves as possible.
Fact three: It’s also rude to interrupt people while they’re talking.

Hence, my dilemma. I spoke to my cousin over the phone today, but he kept asking about what’s happening in my life that I couldn’t ask all the questions I wanted to. Ideally, a phone conversation would be half about each party, but why does it always happen that I end up talking more about myself than finding out more about the other person? I suppose some people just have a knack for asking better questions, but still. Perhaps I don’t talk fast enough.

In the mutual exchange of information, I often find that there’s a lack of equivalence exchange (usually not intentional). And often, it goes unnoticed. This can be quite dangerous, as information can be misused or distributed poorly and/or freely to others. As they say, something isn’t a secret anymore if more than one person knows about it. But not sharing one’s life with another is so lonely that we do it anyway, and it’s usually worth the risk. Just make sure there’s somewhat of a balance of information exchanged!! Blackmail + blackmail cancel each other out, so should be fine. Hopefully.


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