Mouthful of Insects

Today, I finally got round to airing the bikes out with a friend. Mr. Sun was all brightly shining, and we would have hated him if it weren’t for the lovely breeze and numerous trees planted on both sides of the bike trail.

Both bikes worked perfectly, although the gears on mine made a weird clackety sound until I shifted them a little. I was tempted to wave and yell “HELLOOOOOO!!” to everyone I passed by, but because of the previous rainfall, I couldn’t – all the little insect eggs that lay dormant seemed to wake up at the same time, and swarmed our faces for most of the trip. Hm. Well technically they weren’t swarming us on purpose; we smacked into them because they were flying too slowly. I was wondering whether we could bike faster than a swarm of bees, too. Bets anyone?

I’m disappointed by the lack of suntan I got – my skin refused to darken for me, still in hibernation mode. Grr. At least it didn’t burn, because it easily could have due to the hot sun + strong wind combo that makes you feel like it’s actually not that hot or sunny until arriving home and your skin falls off. Ha.

Will most likely bike again tomorrow, weather permitting. Apparently it’s supposed to rain. Chicago weather, your heart is more fickle than a young woman looking for love.


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