Frosted glass always reminds me of airports

Frosted glass always reminds me of airports. The person you love is waving you goodbye, and as they disappear from your sight to go through security, you can still see the ghost of their shadow as if the frosted glass is teasing you. In a nasty way. Of course, not all airports have frosted glass. Some cut the cruelty short by having an opaque wall instead, so once the traveller is out of sight, he or she is truly out of sight.

I actually did learn how to achieve that ‘frosted’ affect during my course on glassblowing – it’s actually very simple; just shoot metallic sand onto glass and voila! Instant frosty! It’s pretty cool because you do it in a kiosk/booth that has gloves sticking inside the chamber (like you see on TV when scientists are handling hazardous materials), with a gun for you to grab. Metallic sand is then pumped into the gun, so when you pull the trigger, it sprays the sand.

I think I should file a suggestion to airports around the world – they can keep their frosted glass, but leave a 20cm gap of clear glass at eye level. It’s an alternate version of peek-a-boo.


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