I went to Macau for a few days

I went to Macau for a few days and left my computer at home, so please excuse the absence.

I remember a time when the ferry ride to Macau took about three hours, even in optimum weather conditions. Now it’s been reduced to one hour; one and a half if it’s stormy. I really have to thank whoever invented the jet engine for boats – I can’t cope with boats for too long, unless I’m out on the deck. Pathetic, I know. Oh well.

The only downside is to the new ferries is that passengers aren’t allowed to go outside on the deck, which in retrospect, probably cancels out the ferry’s advantage for being faster. There was a poor kid who threw up a couple of seats over, and the poor-er staff who had to clean it up and cover the smell with numerous spray cans despite having handed out paper bags for everyone who wanted one. I was feeling a little nauseous myself since I didn’t get a window seat, until I just plugged my ears with my iPod and went to sleep.

Next time, I’ll make sure to get a window seat. And maybe some anti-seasickness pills, or orange peels. Orange peels are very effective.


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