Took a nice trip to Ladies’ Street yesterday

Took a nice trip to Ladies’ Street yesterday. There are so many trinkets and bits and bobs, although most just end up ‘repeating’ themselves – i.e. you notice that stalls sell the same stuff after walking for a little while. It’s a great place to practice your bargaining skills, too. A concept foreign to most people in North America, I suppose. Not that I’m much good at it either, because I don’t have a forceful/confident sort of personality. Ah well. Apparently, bargaining has become a sort of habit in other places like Africa, where sellers refuse to sell something unless you bargain with them. They’re so used to haggling that if you simply agree with the price they give, they go, “No no no! You’re supposed to tell me ‘No, I want it cheaper for $XXX,’ then I go ‘How about $XXX?’ then you go…” and so on. What a concept bargaining is. It certainly makes you feel like you got a good deal, even if you didn’t!


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