I wonder what the difference is

I wonder what the difference is between deo-spray, deo-roll on and deo-stick. Hm. But I always go for the non-alcohol one, even though it dries slower.

The invention of the ball-and-socket is amazing – from ball-point pens to roll on deoderant, comes something that seems quite simple yet very ingenious. I bet people must have tried over and over again to find a solution to dispense liquids at a slow rate and control where it goes at the same time, stewing for days and nights. If I can make an invention that makes life so much easier for others, I’d be happy. And rich. Very rich. Ha!

On a side note, I wonder if pens and other writing utensils will ever become obsolete due to technology; e.g. email, drawing tablets etc. If they do I will be very upset.


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