We went biking

We went biking from downtown Vancouver all the way to Granville island yesterday, and we didn’t even take a shortcut. Yay! As a reward, we stopped by Lee’s to buy some doughnuts. Mmmmm.

Rewards are an effective way to instill either a skill or a habit in yourself or others. This is probably one of our more “animalistic” traits, but at any rate, it’s certainly useful, especially for children. It should come with a warning tag though: “WARNING: Do not overuse, or major spoilage may result!”

As for today, I went to a local church to help make and serve food to the homeless. Very fun and rewarding at the same time, and it’s the good kind of rewarding that pays out to many, and the satisfaction it brings multiplies itself over and over. This is one kind of rewarding that is much less spoiling, although it can also get addictive!


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