Magazines sometimes do give great advice

Magazines sometimes do give great advice. Take, for example, Vancouver Magazine, where they give out over 150 awards to restaurants in different categories. I took their suggestion and went to the “Best Casual Japanese Restaurant”, a little place called “Kingyou” which means “Goldfish” in Japanese. I have no idea why; I’ve heard that goldfish taste pretty nasty, and their food was anything but. I tried their salmon carpaccio and seared ahi tuna with rice and miso soup, and both were fantastic – everything was very flavourful and unique, especially the carpaccio. I could have eaten 5 plates of that!! Okay maybe not that many. The only criticism I have to offer is that the seared tuna left a fishy aftertaste that could only be erased by some ice cream I had afterward at a gelato place. Perhaps they should offer some little dessert to help balance the fishiness out? Oh well. At any rate, I’m glad I took the suggestion in the magazine – Kingyou was both tasty and a good deal, so I’m completely satisfied as a customer. One word of warning though: not all magazines give the right, or great advice!! Oneself is one’s best judge, after all.


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