It’s supposed to be summer

It’s supposed to be summer, but it feels more like winter with all the rain and the cold temperatures. Oh well. At least it means the weather will be warm.

Today was more of a relaxing day for me, mostly spent repairing stuff from a tote to a cardigan. For some reason, buttons aren’t sewn properly anymore – I’m guessing they’re sewn by an automatic machine to make it look like the button is properly sewn on, only to cheat you and have the thread come out in one single well-placed yank. Now I have to make sure that all my buttons are properly secured before wearing the clothing. These clothing companies are very sneaky – if you lose a button, you feel really sad and either spend a long time searching for just the right button, or order a spare from the company (if you didn’t get one with the clothing). But they provide a good opportunity for me to practice my sewing skills, and I can also cross something off of my To-Do list. Otherwise, this type of clothing should come with a warning tag to make sure people won’t go sue the company for ambiguous exploitative measures.


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