It hasn’t stopped pouring since I came here in Vancouver

It hasn’t stopped pouring since I came here in Vancouver, but that didn’t stop me from visiting the UBC Botanical Garden. It was full of insects too, so I had to make sure not to have my mouth open as much as possible. I spent the most time in the food garden, where most of the labels had the plant’s scientific name which didn’t help too much. But they had everything from lettuce to horseradish to thyme, and donate everything to the Red Cross to help the homeless, which I think is quite a good way to make use of the gardens. I then went on the green canopy walkway that had a suspension bridge winding around the tallest trees in the garden, so you get a different feeling walking amongst the canopies of the trees. It gives a more airy, spacious feeling. Much bouncier, too!

My garden visit ended with seeing a LOT of slugs, some squashed, some moving at 1cm per hour, and the exit wound through the garden’s shop. If I ever get my own house, I’m definitely getting some lamb’s ears and some cute cacti and aloe vera! Yes, I have strange tastes. Maybe this garden wasn’t as fancy as the Chicago Botanic Garden, but the feel was much more natural and ‘wild’. Thank you rain, for making the green grow!


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