Last night, the New Tradition Chorus performed at Glenbrook North High School

Last night, the New Tradition Chorus performed at Glenbrook North High School. And I must say that I truly appreciate the oxymoron in the group’s name, for the concert they produced (called Decades of Harmony) was comprised of songs from the 40’s to the 70’s. Yet they made each and every one of these songs their own, choosing to sing in a cappella and adding some cute dance motions to several of the songs. The fact that all the singers are all men also made for a very lively yet soothing blend of harmonies that brought feelings of nostalgia and of a time that’s long gone, yet lingers at the back of people’s minds at the same time. Which is quite impressive as I wasn’t even born when any of the songs were written. Their “Silhouettes” (The Rays) and “ABC” (Jackson Five) performances were particularly good, with just the right beat and atmosphere to the lyrics. I also appreciated how each word was enunciated properly so I could understand them – a small detail, but one that is often disregarded in today’s songs. It also increases in difficulty when there are more singers, and there were 63 of them!! So kudos to all the performers! And extra kudos to the Take Note Quartet, who performed after the intermission with several additional songs like “What a Wonderful World” and “I Love a Piano”. A great new memory was created that night by patching old ones up with threads of fun!


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