I’ve been quite careless with my fingers recently

I’ve been quite careless with my fingers recently. Either that or I’ve been coming into contact with sharp objects far more frequently than usual.

Today it was a can of tuna fish. Granted, I was rushing with trying to get the tuna out of the can, so that contributed to my accident. Now I’m not sure whether I can ever look at a tin can the same way ever again (this is the first time I’ve cut myself on the opened lid of a can). It’s like getting a paper cut, only about twice as painful. Usually, I think cans are a great way to store food, especially foods that are perishable. I suppose you could also use it as a weapon or tool if you really need one. The downside is that you have to make sure you have a can opener, or a knife that’s sharp enough. How many cartoons/shows/movies have you seen of marooned survivors who have enough to eat in cans, only they can’t get to the food due to a lack of the right tools? Houston, we have a Problem.


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