I used to sit back and (usually) relax when it was time to get my nails cut

I used to sit back and (usually) relax when it was time to get my nails cut (this was during the age when scissors were still “For Adults Only”). Once in a while, my mother would make the mistake of cutting the nail too short, resulting in prolonged irritation, and made me wonder when I would finally be old enough to hold those nail clippers in my own hands. Now that I can cut my own nails by myself, I deem it more as a tiring chore that I have to do only when it hinders me from typing fast or from playing the piano properly.

My friend, a beautician’s daughter, told me that she doesn’t even use nail clippers, saying that they’re actually bad for your nails. She files them daily instead, a little like how cats scratch a post (or somewhere you don’t want it to) to prevent their claws from growing too long. I tried it for a while before forgetting to remember.

Others use really sharp precision scissors that get the job done quickly as long as you’re careful and have good, steady hands to cut cleanly, although they’re more dangerous as the sharpened area is greater than a nail clipper’s. I still prefer it over all these different methods of trimming my nails.


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