“Ooohhhh, what does this button do???”

“Ooohhhh, what does this button do???” – Deedee, from Dexter’s Laboratories

You’re in a room that’s been taken straight out of your favourite sci-fi movie, complete with the blinking lights, ultra-high tech stuff that resembles a pilot’s cockpit, and loads and loads of shiny, unlabelled buttons. What do you do? a) Sit quietly and wait for an authoritative figure to come, or b) Head straight for the biggest, largest button, and just try pressing it, just once. Hopefully it wasn’t the self-destruct button, like the cartoons always depict it as (why would one be built in the first place? Even if there’s a legitimate reason, shouldn’t they make it smaller so that it won’t get accidentally pressed? And be less appealing to people like Deedee?). Well, whatever it does, let’s hope it sets off something cool. Like a doorbell. Doorbells are nice and safe.


Blah blah blah

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