Gloves or mittens?

Gloves or mittens?-that is the question. I have 2 pairs of each, but honestly, I rarely use gloves because they don’t really keep your hands warm at all, unless they’re really thick like ski gloves are. So I use mittens instead, although the downside to that is that they get too warm! Ah, to find that happy medium…but at least I can always take them off when my hands start to overheat, so they’re not as bad as gloves that can’t warm your hands up in the first place. Mittens are also better for playing with – they’re a little like sock-puppets, so if you’re ever feeling a little lonely, you can just talk to your mitten! One downside is that with only the thumb separated from the rest of the mitten, one can’t perform more dexterous activities with mittens on, such as blowing one’s nose or buttoning up one’s jacket. Hm…maybe they should try making mittens that also include a separation between the third and fourth finger.


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