Hooray for protein!

Hooray for protein! Not only can it help build muscles, but it also repairs damage and/or wounds done to your body. As a bonus, meat is delicious. So are beans and tofu, but meat is so succulent…mmm…

I don’t think I can cope being a vegetarian. I mean, I do eat vegetarian meals once in a while, but I always have to have so much of it before I feel even a little full, and after a short amount of time, I get hungry already. It’s not so fun because you feel bloated, but not full. Besides, doesn’t it count for something if the word ‘meat’ comes from the word ‘mete’, the archaic English word for ‘food’? Like, any food? Even vegetables? So too bad. Meat is unavoidable. There’s no such thing as being a ‘vegetarian’, because as long as you need to eat food, you’re eating ‘mete’. So you’re either alive, dead, or a person who can live on drinks.

I went to one of those ‘create your own stir-fry’ places today for dinner, my very first. It was quite the experience – a good one, mind you. And the concept is pretty cool, too. It lets you add whatever you want to your meal without taking any more time for cooking. I added both tofu and chicken as my protein, so I can build some muscle (I can hear my mother gasp at this). And heal the burn I got yesterday. But yeah. Protein is some good stuff there! And like all good things, practice the art of moderation!


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