Despite what people might think

Despite what people might think, I’m actually glad I have a sense of touch to be able to feel burns. It makes one learn faster. A lot faster.

I think I’ve gotten more hurt inside the kitchen than by glassblowing. Your body is a lot more careful than you may take for granted, and it actually takes a good amount of effort to ‘undo’ your instincts and get closer to the heat. Close enough to work on your glass piece, but not close enough to get serious burns. It’s like roasting a perfect marshmallow – you don’t want to get too close to the fire, but if you don’t get close enough, you can’t see whether your treat is getting burned or whether one side is getting more heated than the other.

We used optic moulds to add texture and a little design to our glasswork today. It’s good to know that those aren’t put into the glass by a human hand labouring away for hours and hours, not because of the time it saves, but how amazing everything always turns out. It would be quite intimidating, to say the least, if each groove were handmade.

Whatever the case, glassblowing is awesome. And though fear may be the best teacher, courage is your best friend and assistant.


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