Two new paperweights to adorn my messy desk

Two new paperweights to adorn my messy desk. They’re small, but heavy enough to weigh paper down (hence the compound word-name).

I never understood the use of a paperweight. Sure, it keeps papers from flying away, but from what? Air within your room that doesn’t move? Earthquakes that shake the desk? I suppose if you had a fan going on inside the room you’d need one, but otherwise, why use one? I was joking with some fellow classmates that you could tuck a few into your purse or backpack, and when threatened, they make for very handy one-off weapons. Just make sure you don’t miss.

We learned the bubbling and rod-colouring technique, where you melt a coloured rod onto the paperweight and ‘draw’ with it, like ink flowing out of the pen. Only this ink isn’t controlled and contained in a shaft or tube; it just keeps going unless you stop heating it. Bubbling is a lot easier, but the design is a lot more subtle and could be mistaken for…well…mistakes. Unless they’re extremely organised or happen to spell out something very specific and well-defined.

If worse comes to worse, I guess one could use paperweights as gifts, decoration for your fish tank, or testing gravity’s effects on glass and the pattern in which glass shatters. At any rate, you could sit in front of any paperweight and admire its density.

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