It’s such a relief to know that moisturisers exist

MoisturiserIt’s such a relief to know that moisturisers exist. My hands get so dry that they start cracking and on bad days, they even start bleeding. They turn red under hot water, and a lovely bluish-purple in the cold. Then, if they manage to heal, the knuckle area turns horribly rough and dry, and the whole painful process starts again.

I think my favourite brand of moisturiser is either Aveeno or Ahava, because they’re not too greasy on the skin and seem to get thoroughly absorbed in a short amount of time. Funny how both of them start with an ‘A’. Both have also been recommended to me via my relative who is a dermatologist, so my ‘bias’ for these brands aren’t completely unfounded.

Both brands also include greens in their packaging (Aveeno changes colour depending on what product you buy, but normally they use green and beige). I wonder what the logic behind this is – green represents aloe vera? Health? Go? I have no idea. And why do they always make such creams white, not green or brown or blue or another funky colour? It’s like dyeing coke black instead of keeping it green. Maybe people won’t buy green cream because it might make them think that it will turn their skin green. But then why not dye the cream a flesh colour instead? Ah, the mysteries of life!

Perhaps someone should invent a way to ‘inject’ water straight into the skin to restore its moisture levels, for instant relief. Then invent a foot cream that works instantly, so that the cream doesn’t get rubbed off onto the floor when one decides to walk to the bathroom.


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