Farewell, 2009. Hello, 2010.

2010Farewell, 2009. Hello, 2010.

On this particular New Year’s Eve, I can’t seem to get this one song out of my head:

And so this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Another year over
A new one just begun…

I know it’s past Christmas, but another year is certainly almost over. And despite the song’s cheery melody, these lyrics actually quite depressing. I’ve never been particularly good at saying goodbyes or farewells (even those very words are ironic), and for sure, this year has had downs I’d rather forget, yet were intermingled with so many ups that everything adds up to being quite neutral and stationary, as if I haven’t moved at all.

I like to think of days like today to slip into one another, not loudly with the sizzle and bang of fireworks, but silently and unnoticed. Sometimes I even like to lie still and believe that I can hear the world spinning on its axis, slowly transitioning every part of the world into a brand new year and a brand new day.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone. Make sure you measure time in a way that renews each day; each hour; each minute’s joys.


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