Everything tastes better with good company

CompanyEverything tastes better with good company. Not that people would even consider having a meal with bad company, but still. One could be eating with no company, which is quite sad in itself.

I wonder whether eating dinner while Skype-ing someone counts as not eating alone. It’s like someone is there, but just not in the flesh. It’s rather confusing; I have yet to determine whether to feel annoyed by seeing a head shot of someone watching me eat or whether to feel comforted instead. That’s another thing that is annoying – having people watch you eat because you’re in this overcrowded restaurant (most likely a fast-food restaurant) and people are waiting for seats, but they have nothing better to do than to stare at other people eating. Or they’re trying to use eye-power and non-verbal guilt-tripping to make people hurry and finish their meal so that they can use the table.

I think food tastes even better when it’s not your own. It’s quite strange; I remember sharing snacks during elementary school and finding that my friends’ chips taste better than my own. This extends to later in life, when I’m in a restaurant and order something that just doesn’t taste quite as good as what my relative/friend is having. If this is truly the case, then it would be quite funny/awkward/strange when everyone starts eating food that belongs to someone else.


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