A Dedication to my Father

CarrotA Dedication to my Father (who’s still alive):

I never really liked eating carrots. I don’t mind them when they’re cooked or as soup or in a sauce of some kind, but I just can’t tolerate eating them raw. But since they contain a lot of vitamin A, I suppose I shall have to cook as many of them as possible whenever I can, because I frequently strain my eyes by staring at the computer screen for too long.

My dad uses a carrot as part of his signature when he writes cards or letters to close friends or family, because the phonetic word for ‘carrot’ in Chinese sounds like his English name. He even gave me a carrot pendant as my birthday present a few years ago; I have affectionately named it “Mr. Evil Carrot” because of its facial expression (yes, this carrot pendant has a face). Perhaps that is why I never really liked carrots, because eating them would be like eating my father. Symbolically.

I think I prefer carrot in soup form the most, liquidised and cooked with a little cream and salt for a nice smooth soup. If only I had a liquidiser, or at least a blender of some sort.


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