I was doing the laundry today

HangerI was doing the laundry today, and for the first time in my life, wondered why people needed non-collapsible hangers. I suppose they have strength and durability, but they’re hard to carry around or stuff into a suitcase. Even the hangers specially designed for suitcases don’t really seem to fit too well, and seem to take up more space than the piece of clothing itself. I was thinking that hangers could be modified so you could twist it in a certain way, and it would shrink to something no bigger than a small cupcake. It’s like those sun shades you can buy to stick on your car window.

But I guess suits have to have their own special hanger to keep the shoulder area puffed up and unwrinkled. Or another option could be hangers that can be disassembled to fit into a small box. Hopefully it won’t fall apart while the suit is hung up.

I think I prefer the thick wire hangers to the plastic or thin wire hangers. I’ve only seen these in Hong Kong and a few here and there in America; most people either use the really thin wire type which offers little support, or the tough plastic ones that are bulkier. Hmm. Now I feel kind of silly, because I’m probably the only person strange enough to be concerned about such matters.


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