The Art of Doing Nothing.

The Art of Doing NothingThe Art of Doing Nothing. It seems quite easy to master, but for some, I can imagine, it is quite difficult. You have to pay the bills. You have to work on that next project, and finish it before the deadline. You have to watch that new movie that just came out. You have to go out and party or hang out with friends. You have to call your parents. You have to get out and go for a run. You have to start making plans for the future…this list really can go on forever, until even sleep becomes a restless activity. And during the Christmas rush and hectic schedule, it seems like rest comes secondary to action. Advice?

Slow down. Stop. Just wait in the spot you’re standing/sitting/lying down in, and breathe. It’s an activity we do without thinking, yet the moment it’s taken away, we are painfully aware of it. Listen. Can you hear the sound of moving air? The traffic in the background? Or maybe your mind drifts into a different world, where people don’t have to do anything but live, and take things slowly. Life isn’t about the race; it’s about knowing how and when to slow down enough so that you can see how the world passes by you, instead of the other way round. It’s so easy to forget that we’re just visitors of planet Earth. Or maybe it’s too difficult to forget, so we try to experience everything at once. Give life the time of day. It comes easier than you may think.


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