Merry Christmas!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Just that phrase makes everything seem all the more magical and warm. “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” just don’t cut it for some reason; there’s the power of tradition at work. And with so many people getting all nit-picky about being ‘politically correct’ or ‘not imposing one’s religion on another’, it really gets quite ridiculous. Take it or leave it. Listen and receive, or just don’t listen at all. What’s so wrong about the name of Christmas, and the wish for it to be merry?

So with that said, a Merry Christmas to all! Some people’s Christmas may not be white, or merry, or even cold, but wherever you are, I hope that even the tiniest bit of joy will reach you, and prove that words can still reach the hearts of others.


One thought on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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