Merry Christmas Eve!!

Mah JongMerry Christmas Eve!! Not quite, not quite. Well, today’s delight features the great game of Mah Jong. A traditional Chinese game, it’s actually been very well-received when it was reintroduced to the younger generations (surprise, surprise). Jewish people use the card version, the Japanese have their own style of playing, and I’ve even heard of Mah Jong tournaments in America.

I like to play, but the only problem is that you must have 4 players. Well, I suppose you could play with 3, but it just takes a lot longer for anyone to win. The tiles are also quite bulky; even the travel size ones are a little annoying because it’s easy to drop the tiles and expose your hand. Ah well. I don’t gamble, but it’s just really fun to see what hands or sets I can collect. If the players I’m playing with are more experienced, the closest I would come to ‘gambling’ is adding some chips, which I guess doesn’t really count as ‘gambling’. I think I’ve taught about 10 people how to play by now, which is pretty cool because everyone I’ve taught seemed pretty interested to learn. I guess even one of the oldest games in existence can still garner current interest.

Hmm. All the party guests left just now. I think sometimes I just like to shuffle the tiles just for the distinct sound they make. If I had to liken it to something, I would say it sounds like a cascading waterfall. Try listening to it one day; I’m sure you’ll agree!


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