Two days ’til Christmas!

Advent calendarTwo days ’til Christmas! The clock is ticking down…

I remember one thing I always begged for the month of December was an advent calendar. Ever since the first one my mum got, I thought it was so cool that I wanted to have one every year. Especially when the chocolate ones came out, where you get a piece of chocolate EVERY DAY until the 25th. But my mum thought it was a waste of money (I bet she really regretted buying that first one), so we kept reusing the same one each year, opening the flaps and then closing them all after Christmas day had come and gone. Boooorring. It’s like getting gifts, opening them, then wrapping them up again so you can reopen them next year. It’s lost its novelty feeling; the feeling of discovery.

Strangely enough, even now when I can get an advent calendar with my own money, I don’t bother because…well, Christmas really isn’t about advent calendars, is it? And I’m too old for them. Ah well. I just wish I could take the magic of Christmas, save some of it and spread a little bit of it for each day throughout the year.


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