There used to be 1 (main) kind of milk

MilkThere used to be 1 (main) kind of milk: cow. Normal. Now there is whole milk, reduced fat milk, 2%, 1%, skim milk, soy milk (how do you milk a soy bean?!) etc. Hooray for science and technology!

My mum used to tell me that reduced fat milk was BAD, because people added chemicals to the milk to remove the fat, or injected some sort of hormones into the cow that made it produce milk that had less fat. Ha! Imagine her surprise when I found out the real reason (from a biology professor) and said that milk is spun, so due to the centrifugal force, the fat settles around the outside (since fat is heavier than water), while non-fat milk is found nearest to the centre. Ta-daa! Pretty neat, if I do say so myself. Which I do.

I used to not really like to drink milk (this doesn’t include the time when I was still a baby), because it tasted a little weird to me. But then I found out how great it is with cereal! So now I usually only drink it with cereal. The most dangerous thing is, though, is to wait too long or spend too much time eating, rendering the cereal to be soggy and not as good as when it is crunchy, though slightly softened by the milk. Then I discovered the wonders of 1% milk! I think I like it more because it doesn’t taste as strong as whole milk, but whole milk is still very useful for putting into soups to make them creamy. It’s also the best source of…all the vitamins, protein and fat you need for your body. I remember taking a food nutrition class, and finding out that milk was one of the only foods that contained a little bit of all the necessary nutrients the body needs. Wow. All this from a single cow.


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