Shower or bath?

ShowerShower or bath? That is the question. Personally, I would choose shower, although a good bath once in a while is very relaxing. But I’ve read somewhere that taking baths uses up around 3-4 times more water than showers, sooo…save on water money, people! And the environment. Despite the fact that the water cycle is a closed system, so there will always be the same amount of water in the world, though in different forms (gas, liquid, solid). Still, there’s only 1% that is accessible freshwater, so DON’T WASTE WATER!

Even though I love taking showers. I remember a few times when I took 2 showers in the same day, just because I wasn’t sure whether I’d taken one already. I’m sure it’s not good for my skin, especially during winter, but meh. I have to take hot showers in winter or else my blood might clog from the cold. Despite this, I think that showering in the summer is much better, especially after a sweaty day. Makes you clean and fresh before you go to bed! Unless you only shower in the day, of course (which I never really understood, but I guess it works for some people).

Showers are also a good source of inspiration. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had ideas just pop out of nowhere while showering, and they’re usually the best ones I have. Sometimes I forget them when I come out, which is one of the most frustrating feelings of all. But if I manage to pen it down and elaborate on the idea, wellllll…let’s just say some of my best work has come out of this! Some people may disagree with me, because baths are traditionally the more inspiring option (like Archimedes shouting ‘Eureka!’ in the bathtub). So let’s just agree that Water is Powerful.

Showering is a good opportunity to actually sound good when singing. Something about the acoustics boosts one’s vocals to the maximum quality; no one can deny that. Just pray that no evil younger/older sibling is sitting outside the door with a recording instrument in hand.


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