Soundproofed rooms sound like an excellent idea right about now

SoundproofSoundproofed rooms sound like an excellent idea right about now, because my fellow tenants seem to be going stir-crazy, or maybe just plain crazy. People are screaming each other’s names, shouting, yelling things that make no sense whatsoever…all in a jesting, friendly tone so I deduct that they have either gone crazy or are drunk. Because it’s “that time of the year” again.

Something about an approaching 5-week holiday, I guess, is enough to make one go crazy, especially considering the tonnes of final projects and essays the teachers so kindly give us to prove that we actually learned/did something during the semester. Or the lack of these things. Either way, people on my floor have been quite excited by such events, and I can’t blame them. Downtown noises like ambulance sirens and construction work (funnily enough, these sounds actually increase in frequency during the night) also add to the noise pollution.That’s why I wish that all rooms were soundproof, with doorbells for visitors. It helps me concentrate on what I’m doing, instead of trying to eavesdrop (I’m a huge fan of the mystery genre, so I can’t help it) on the conversations. Crazy ones are especially intriguing because you have no idea what they’re trying to communicate, or whether they’re trying at all.

Even the sound studios in my school don’t offer completely soundproof classrooms, which is strange. It’s not that expensive to buy foam and stick it to the wall, is it? Meh. Foam also makes it nice and safe for any accidents involving crashing into the wall, or purposeful actions such as bashing one’s head against the wall. It could also lead to gaining the ability to sleep standing up.

I think when (if) I get my own place, I’ll have one soundproof room and stick my desk, bed and piano in it.


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