Apparently, cork is made from the bark of a tree called “Cork”

CorkApparently, cork is made from the bark of a tree called “Cork”, which is pretty confusing if you ask me. But still, I wonder how it feels like in real life? All I can picture is after uprooting such a tree, it would start flying away due to its amazing buoyancy.

I have a cork board to pin notices up on. Well, I’m supposed to use it for that anyway. But it’s been sitting there with notices I haven’t bothered to take off, nor does it have any new notices. But I still love the idea of having one. It’s not as ‘high-class’ as some other cork boards because it doesn’t have a proper backing, so I have to put pins in very carefully or else they’ll protrude on the other side. I’ve also wondered whether a cork board can run out of holes for one to poke in it – if you had a lot of time on your hands, could you technically ‘poke out’ every single hole and render the cork board unusable?

I also have an affinity for corks from wine bottles I like. Just having the smell seeped into half of the cork’s pores gives it a very deep, lingering smell that you can almost taste, and even though I’m not very partial to wine at all, I can enjoy the smell of a wine cork for a long time. I would even collect them, if I had any space to spare to collect anything else.


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