There’s nothing quite like the Chicago Botanic Garden

Lamb's earThere’s nothing quite like the Chicago Botanic Garden, although it’s not exactly good weather conditions to be growing anything outside, which is why they use the greenhouse. But during normal growing season, one of my favourite plants there is the Lamb’s Ear, scientific name Stachys byzantina.

It’s soft and silky to the touch, and furry, just like a (you guessed it) lamb’s ear, only without the fear of being bitten or having the ear run away from you. Well, I haven’t touched an actual lamb’s ear before, so I can’t really compare the two, but I’m guessing they should feel pretty similar. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful plant because it grows throughout most of the year except winter, though it lasts longer than other flowers and plants because it has fur to protect it from some of the cold.

Apart from that, I love miniature cacti. I’ve resolved to buy a few of these once I get my own place to live, because not only do they not require too much watering, but also they are deceptively spiky and look so innocent because of their rounded shape. Lamb’s ear and cacti. What a contrasting combination.


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